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We’d like to know a bit more about you, so we can come to your place while you’re asleep and rifle through your fridge for premium cold cuts. No, seriously, we’d be grateful if you complete the survey linked below to give us some insight into who listens to us. Although we won’t turn down prosciutto, if you have it.

Libsyn listener survey.


Gray Clouds and Silver Linings

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This week is a total bummer, as Brett and Nazim cover two cases, Microsoft Corp. v. U.S. (dealing with the U.S. jurisdiction to seize digital assets overseas) and Janus v. AFSCME, Council 31 (aka the Unions)(dealing paying union dues when you’re not the union), that depending on how you feel about privacy or organized labor could be a real downer.  Brett and Nazim look on the bright side of both cases, by either arguing why the good side should win or why it won’t be a bad thing if they lose.  (Law at 5:20).

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Decisions in Jennings and Patchak

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We’re live from Brett’s living room today, as Brett and Nazim go old school to explain why immigrants don’t have bail hearings (Jennings v. Rodriguez), why Congress can decide cases for the Courts (Patchak v. Zinke), and why podcasters shouldn’t eat while recording.  Law starts at (03:10).

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The following scores represent three cases, with three others getting DQ’ed for being within the one month grace period (we may shorten that next year).  The cases scored below are D.C. v. Wesby (makeshift strip club), Class v. U.S. (guns on the capital building) and Patchak v. Zinke (friendly neighborhood Indian casino).  Digital Realty v. Somers (snitches get stitches), Murphy v. Smith (math and vocabulary) and Texas v. NM and Colorado (seriously who cares about this case anyway) didn’t make it.  There’s still a ton of cases left, so make sure you fill out ballots (old or new) and periodically check up to see scores.  We’ve also (fingers-crossed) figured out a sophisticated system, but if you have any objections please email us (keeping in mind the prize for winning is a box of junk).  Scores are as follows:


Mitchell, Austin, Coridan (??)


Ray, who may still cheat.




Brian S.


(sigh) Nazim, Spencer, Tony, Adam


KC, Max N.

SIXTY POINTS (60) – *Best Group*



Arturo, Ken H., Someone known only as “Doing it Wrong”, Todd, Alyssa (who rules for still listening), and Fabian (who also rules)


Tulsa’s Favorite Daughter Penni S., Silvia, Steven, Andy “Not a Half-Man”, Anthony


Kyle WM, C3PO Sam, James S., Cade, Vito, PLUS my two favorite listeners Drew (who asked a SCOTUS attendant about who ate at McDonald’s while on a tour) and Daniela (who called us cool uncles on an iTunes review)


ZLM, KJ, John the Prosecutor, Scott, Lane (sleeping giant)


Neil (another sleeping giant), Zoe F., Girl Carew, Sarah C.


Brad, Kevin (who I went to high school with and stinks), PDUB, JB in Me, Jocelyn, Shannon, Chad, Emma, Victor, my dude Keanuthon, my dudette Laura from Baltimore


Dan H., Wayne, JB 94, David, Cam (good name), Carrie S. Young Maldy, Brandon, Nora, literally everyone including possibly you, BUT THERE’S PLENTY OF SCORING LEFT TO BE HAD!!  DON’T GIVE UP NOW!

Decisions in Class, Somers, and Murphy

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This week’s episode is covers a slew of recent decisions dealing with guilty pleas (Class v. U.S.), statutory interpretation (Digital Realty Trust v. Somers), and math (Murphy v. Smith).  Brett and Nazim discuss each decision and focus on whether or not the facts of the case matter when dealing with bad statutes.  Law starts at (03:22).

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GET IT WHILE IT’S STILL FRESH! Seriously, the justices are bound to be putting out some decisions at some point soon, so you should get into this goodness before they do. Because we can’t count those ballots guessing at outcomes after those comes have outed.

So, the March ballot is here. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go here, and if you want to vote in the older ballots while you still have time, look here. Void where void, obviously.

The One SCOTUS Case That May Cost You Money

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That’s right folks!!  The Supreme Court is coming after your precious Amazon purchases, as the case of South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. will decide whether adding State taxes to online purchases violates the Dormant Commerce Clause.  Brett and Nazim discuss Federalism and the DCC at length, brag about living in a State that will be unaffected by the whole ordeal, and sing a weird amount.  Law starts at (04:17).

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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This week Brett and Nazim are “peak Brett and Nazim”, as the Brett crows about the Eagles winning the Super Bowl and Nazim discusses how to improve voting districts.  In addition to covering the recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision which declared the district maps unconstitutional, the case of Minnesota Voters Alliance v. Mansky is also discussed, which covers whether statutes banning political apparel at voting stations violate the First Amendment.  The law technically starts at (06:48), but there’s some turbulence until like the ten minute mark.

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This week’s episode welcomes back Nazim by covering recent decisions issued by the Court.  It’s a banner week for Clarence Thomas, as in one case he ruins a house party (D.C. v. Wesby), and the other involves he discounts an incredibly racist juror affidavit (Tharpe v Sellers).  Law starts at (07:20).

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GUEST EP: Native American Law and Water Rights

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Nazim’s still on vaca, so Brett is joined by special guest Penni, who comes on to share background in Native American law in the United States, cover a specific case concerning tribal immunity (Upper Skagit Indian Tribe v. Lungren), and try to breeze through two water rights cases (Texas v. New Mexico and Colorado & Florida v. Georgia).  Law starts at (12:36).

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Some of these ballots are lighter, some are heavier, and while this is more in the latter category, I feel that there is at least one, if not more, clear winners. Sometimes we play with the spread on these things by adjusting who wins by requiring a margin, but with this number of choices, it felt like leaving some easy ones was fair. Without further doodoo, the ballot is here.

If this is news to you, please feel free to look over prior ballots and join the fun, but your entries referring to cases that have already been decided will be set aside. More details on the appropriate tab of this website.