The Multi-State Challenge

Posted: July 1, 2016 by beguide in Uncategorized

Around five years ago, my friend’s wife was taking the bar exam after graduating from law school.  My friend, who was not a lawyer, was looking forward to this particular summer, stating that it would be nice to spend time with his wife since she was usually so busy with law school.  Horrified at this presumption, I informed him that he would probably see less of his wife, as she would probably be studying for the bar all summer.  My friend looked at me surprised and asked “why do you need to study for the bar since you just went to three years of law school?”

Depending on your experience with the bar exam, this last line is either a good question or totally asinine.    As someone who has taken and passed bar exams in three states, the bar exam is the living worst.  It takes forever to study, its way too long, and it is basically six hours that decides whether a cumulative five years of your life is a waste of time.  That considered, we thought it would be fun to make a game out of it.

The multi-state exam is a multiple choice test that consists of Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Evidence, Torts, Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure (thanks, Jordan!), Real Estate and Contracts.  Last week on the podcast, I told Nazim that I thought I could score around an 80-85 on 100 questions of the multi-state exam with no studying.  Assuming no one would take me up on the offer, I asked that a reader send in a test that Nazim and I could test ourselves on.  Less than two days later, we received an email from Lane from Philadelphia with the following two links.

I took both tests and received an 84.  Nazim, at time of press, has completed two questions with the results still unknown.  The Challenge to you is to beat my score.  If you do, and you screen shot your answer, I will send you a prize free of charge by the end of the summer.  The following are a few terms and conditions.

  1.   The key to the challenge is not studying or looking anything up either before or during the actual exam.  I swear to God I didn’t cheat and I really got this score.  There’s nothing stopping you from cheating, but the time it will take you to take the test alone will be a huge pain in the ass, so cheating will DEFINITELY take forever and probably not be worth that time or energy.   That being said, we are operating on the honor system.
  2. You will have to send me your address to get the prize, so if you don’t want to do that, you probably shouldn’t take the test.  I should note that I am not a weirdo and don’t care where you live.
  3. The contest ends at the end of August.  Entries after that date will receive a huge congratulations, but no prize.  The prize will also be sent out toward the end of the summer so if you somehow beat this the day it comes out, you will have to wait.  You can email us your results at or you can post your score in the comments below.

I should note that answering 100 of these questions was a huge pain in the ass and I think it re-ignited my PTSD from taking bar exams in two consecutive summers.  ALSO, to encourage people to send in their scores, I will also send a prize to the person who sends in the lowest score, since that person would be an honest and noble dude/dudette.

Good luck!



  1. Jordan Davis says:

    You forgot Civil Procedure and Criminal Procedure! This is brilliant.

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  2. I got a 52 and a 62. Not bad for no law school. In my defense in the first one, I got a lot of the right answers for the wrong reasons.

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  3. Paul says:

    Just took the test. Got a 64. Took it in under an hour. No law school background. I only have you and judge Judy to thank. It was a fun exercise


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