Arbitration Beats Worker’s Rights

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This week’s episode covers the recent decision in Epic Systems v. Lewis, which can be more aptly stated as Overly Power Arbitration Act v. Sensible Worker’s Rights Requests.  Brett and Nazim break down the basis for the decision, debate judicial activism, and talk about why Weezer sucks.  Law starts at (05:14).

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New Jersey Beats the Federal Government

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This week’s episode covers the improbable case of Christie v. NCAA, where New Jersey’s second bite at legalizing State gambling actually worked, and now Federal Gambling laws are unconstitutional.  Brett and Nazim celebrate this brand new world by setting odds for one-on-one fights between Supreme Court Justices.  Law starts at (04:15), but it takes a while to get focused.

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Trump and the Travel Ban

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Brett and Nazim celebrate their 200th episode (!!!) the only way they know how, by talking about food for way too long, going on a weird tangent about the Mueller investigation that dovetails into the shady side of corporate law, and finally landing on Trump v. Hawaii, the travel ban case that asks the Supreme Court to gauge how prejudiced the President is allowed to be before we do anything about it.  Law starts at (11:50).

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Judge Dredd

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This week’s episode covers judges, and more specifically judicial mistakes currently before the Supreme Court.  Brett and Nazim discuss Rosales-Mireles v. U.S, which basically covers how the Court should approach math problems, and Dalmazzi v. U.S., which discusses the current applicability of Civil War military appointment statutes.  Law starts at (04:30).

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Interesting Things the Week After 4/20

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This week’s episode covers oral arguments and recent decisions with varying degrees of stakes.  Brett and Nazim discuss Abbott v. Perez (which might decide the fate of modern democracy) Jesner v. Arab Bank PLC (which may facilitate terrorism), SAS Institute v. Matal (which deals with paperwork), and Trump v. Hawaii (which has something to do with the President).  Law starts at (04:18).

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Image result for justice john roberts

Enclosed are results follows SAS Intitute and Jesner.  We did not have Dimaya on the ballot, so that did not count. From what I have read from my sources (the Scotusblog twitter account), results will begin again May 15 and then come fast and furious.

170         Holy shit, my friend Ray

165         Hollywood Austin

135        DC Alyssa

125         Vito

                Adam in Rodchester

115         Brian S.

110         Mitchel

                Coridan the Arch-Villain

105         Will P.

100         Brett

                Ken H.

95           Nazim

                Dan H.

90           Steven from Houston

                Andy the Wholeman

                KC (“the Kid”)

85           Penni

                Anthony from Georgia

                Tony C.

80           Daniela

                Max “Number 2”

75           Big Bears Dad

70           Arturo

                Neil R.


                Todd S.


                “Doing It Wrong”

60           LA Scott


55           C3PO

                P Dub

                Kyle WM

45           Emma

                Prosecutor John

                My dude keanuthon

                Lane from Philadelphia

40           Michigan Drew 


                James N

30           ZLM


                Denver Brad

                Lauren from Baltimore

25           Zoe


                Sarah Corp.

                Girl Carew

15           Victor

                JB in ME



                Kevin, aka Havertown’s worst gambler

                David from ATL

0              Dan H.


                Brandon N.

                Young Maldy

                Cam from Phoenix




A few cases we covered last month are still undecided, but we don’t know for how long. Get your ballots in quick. Here is the ballot. You know what to do.

Decisions in Microsoft and Dimaya

Posted: April 29, 2018 by Nazim in Uncategorized

This week’s episode covers two recent decisions by the Court, including Microsoft v. U.S. (where the Court determined the dispute was moot after passage of the CLOUD Act), and Dimaya v. Sessions (where the Court invalidated the Immigrant Removal Act on grounds of vagueness under the Due Process Clause).  Law starts at (08:48), but you’d be missing some pretty dope NASA talk.

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How Punk Rock Is It To Sue the Government?

Posted: April 22, 2018 by Nazim in Uncategorized

Maybe a 6 out of 10?  Depends on how you feel about lawsuits destined to fail, since this week we are covering sovereign immunity and the inherently futility of trying to hold the government accountable for bad actions.  Brett and Nazim discuss the cases of Kisela v. Hughes (do police get qualified immunity for shooting people?) and Lozman v. City of Riviera Beach (can the government stop your free speech rights by arresting you if you kind of deserve to be arrested).  Law starts at (05:50).

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Double Double Toil & Trouble

Posted: April 15, 2018 by Nazim in Uncategorized

This week’s episode covers double jeopardy, a legal concept that should be easy, but technical legal rules have made complicated and kind of boring.  To that end(!!), Brett and Nazim spice up the case of Currier v. Virginia, where the Court has to determine whether a severed charge can be tried following an acquittal.  Law starts at (07:09), but before them Nazim talks about how he thinks he could be the Bachelor, sooooooooo skip at your own peril.

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