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It’s only appropriate that we have an Epic plaintiff among our cases, since our new season of the SCOTUS Fantasy League leads constitutional liberty protections. I’m clearly not sure what I’m saying here, but I think the feeling is mutual. The November ballot is here. You probably know the rules, but if you don’t, they’re […]

So, Nazim screwed up, and scored Nelson for Manrique last time. Now that this has been fixed, we owe apologies all around, and our gratitude to listener Austin, who caught that something was wrong. However, that may have changed your position in a way that you might not recognize based on our last update. In […]

So, there were a few updates: Manrique (which I just like saying) and that crazy Venezuela case and Tyrell (not the Bladerunner corporation) and the one where Miami sued banks for collapsing the economy… Yeah, those all came out. But a lot of people are falling behind just because they didn’t fill out their May ballots. […]

A torrent of Immigration cases, which is to say two of them, made this month’s ballot. Topical, amiright? Also, updated the scores below, so click through if you want to see how you’re doing. But most importantly, please get your May votes in soon, since, as the term winds down, more opinions will be published, and […]

Here are the updated rankings, based on the results recorded so far. They’re almost in order. Apologies to Brad, Nazim and Scott for misplacing you. But mostly to Nazim, since he’s writing this. Also, that second Andreas is supposed to be Chris. I’m really not sure what happened there… Some impressive insight displayed by Josh […]

The most recent ballots of our Fantasy SCOTUS league is openour Fantasy SCOTUS league is open. Making up for last month’s short list, this month there are six cases for you to wager your wagers on. Or whatever it is that we do here.

The following scores include Fry v. Napoleon Schools and Bethune Hill v. VI Districting Committee. Arturo                   85 Brett                      70 Brian                      70 Todd                      70 Alyssa                   65 Gunsoley             65 Young Thomas  65 KC                           60 Ray                         60 Blake                     60 Austin                   60 Lauren                  55 Karen                    45 Nick                       45 Eve                         45 SooMin                45 Nazim                   40 Jocelyn                 40 Austin                   40 […]

… is up. Get it here, while it’s still warm. Bonus questions in this month’s batch.

Here’s your chance to predict the outcomes of the February batch of our Supreme Court of the United States case selection. If you need the help, you can also check out the recent case summaries we just published. February Supreme Court Ballot

Step close, ladies and germs, to check out our freshest, straight-from the vine, plucked from the hosts’ lips, just milked, and recently walked over to the internets new ballot. Fear not, fret not. It’s harmless (no warranty made). Please wash your hands afterwards. Thank you.