I may or may not have forgotten to distribute the December ballot in this medium, so below are the links to both the December and January ballots for Austin from Texas’ fantasy SCOTUS league. If you don’t know about this, you pick some outcomes, and hope to do better than others. Most people who fill out all the ballots do really well, and have a good chance of beating one of the hosts.

December ballot link.

January ballot link.

More details and rules can be found here. This isn’t a very serious thing, so if you take it too seriously, you’re going to be disappointed.


Decisions, Decisions

Posted: December 30, 2018 by Nazim in Uncategorized

Brett and Nazim celebrate the holiday lull between Xmas and New Years by discussing the recent decisions in Stitt v. US (ACCA interpretation of burglary) and Mount Lemon Fire District v. Guido (ADA interpretation of government agencies), while also vamping about the holiday season.  There’s more nonsense at the end the beginning, so if you don’t like hearing about how to celebrate New Years, the law ends after the case discussion.

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The Blake Bortles of Supreme Court Cases

Posted: December 23, 2018 by Nazim in Uncategorized

Just in time for the holidays, this week’s episode covers the case of American Legion v. American Humanist Association, which asks the Court whether a 93-year-old monument to World War I veterans violates the Establishment Clause because it is shaped like a cross.  The law technically starts at (02:25), but if you’re no-fun and the title of this episode isn’t intriguing to you, the law starts at (08:00).

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Jam Master Judiciary

Posted: December 16, 2018 by Nazim in Uncategorized

This week’s episode takes a long over-due detour into the world of International Law, as Brett and Nazim discuss Jam v. International Finance Corp., which discusses whether or not International Organizations are entitled to the same immunity protections as the Governments that make them up Voltron-style.  Law starts at (05:30).

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The One with Harrison’s Homework

Posted: December 9, 2018 by Nazim in Uncategorized

This week’s episode centers on a listener email, in which an intrepid college student shared a sample opinion he wrote for Virginia Uranium v. Warren (a case about federal preemption of State law), and now Brett and Nazim have to decide whether to join the opinion outright, write a concurrence, or write a dissent.  Talk about Robots taking over the government starts at (01:40); Law talk starts at (08:24).

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He’s the Burglar, I’m the Robber

Posted: December 2, 2018 by Nazim in Uncategorized

This week’s episode takes a deep dive into the Armed Career Criminal Act, a Federal Sentencing Enhancement Statute that is regularly before the Supreme Court on interpretation issues.  Brett and Nazim discuss U.S. v. Stitt (Is Burglary of a Mobile Home rreeeeaaallllyyyy burglary?) and Stokeling v. U.S. (Are gentle robberies rrreeaaallllyy robberies??).  Law starts at (5:00).

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There be Supreme Court cases, and here be the ballot. If you don’t know what this is, you should click through our rules at the top of the page, even though most of them are obvious. But you should play and see if you can best one of our hosts in guessing Supreme Court case outcomes (you probably can). Prize is mostly bragging rights, so don’t get your expectations up.

Thanksgiving Mailbag Episode

Posted: November 21, 2018 by Nazim in Uncategorized

Brett and Nazim celebrate Thanksgiving early by taking questions from listeners about the law, Thanksgiving, and random things like whether a straw has one hole or two.  The Citizen’s Guide to the Supreme Court will return on December 2nd.

New Episode!

This week’s episode discusses Knick v. Township of Scott, PA, which on its face deals with the correct forum for Takings Clause cases, but on the sly is probably the best fact pattern we’ve dealt with so far on the podcast.  The law starts in earnest at (10:06), but this episode generally covers Weird Al, realizing the law is boring, how young Nazim looks, bail bonds, and being a real estate lawyer.

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Sexual, But Also Offensive

Posted: November 11, 2018 by Nazim in Uncategorized

Brett and Nazim cover sex offenders and Separation of Powers in the form of Gundy v. U.S., a case that asks whether Congressional delegation regarding sex offender registration to the attorney general violates the Constitution. The law starts at (06:15), but there’s a fair amount of tangents, including some solid Jeopardy talk.

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