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Dear contestants, It wasn’t close. Austin took the lead early and never looked back. Sure, his December guesses were crap, and that confirms that the system is rigged, but his other scores are nuts. Seriously: we had psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists all examine his work, and he’s due for some sessions. Or drugs. Or both. […]

It’s the end of the term, so Brett and Nazim are recording LIVE in front of a studio audience of three in Brett’s dining room.  Brett and Nazim draft storylines they think will be popular this time next year, while recapping the Court’s term and talking about who is the most famous Bundy (Al, Peg, […]

Enclosed are results follows SAS Intitute and Jesner.  We did not have Dimaya on the ballot, so that did not count. From what I have read from my sources (the Scotusblog twitter account), results will begin again May 15 and then come fast and furious. 170         Holy shit, my friend Ray 165         Hollywood Austin 135 […]

A few cases we covered last month are still undecided, but we don’t know for how long. Get your ballots in quick. Here is the ballot. You know what to do.

This one should be easier: just three cases, and the better host (me) is beating the worse host (Brett) in the rankings, so everything is okay. Now, I have to just not screw this up. All I need is for him to keep being wrong. How hard can that be? With that said, welcome back […]

The following scores represent three cases, with three others getting DQ’ed for being within the one month grace period (we may shorten that next year).  The cases scored below are D.C. v. Wesby (makeshift strip club), Class v. U.S. (guns on the capital building) and Patchak v. Zinke (friendly neighborhood Indian casino).  Digital Realty v. […]

GET IT WHILE IT’S STILL FRESH! Seriously, the justices are bound to be putting out some decisions at some point soon, so you should get into this goodness before they do. Because we can’t count those ballots guessing at outcomes after those comes have outed. So, the March ballot is here. If you have no […]

Some of these ballots are lighter, some are heavier, and while this is more in the latter category, I feel that there is at least one, if not more, clear winners. Sometimes we play with the spread on these things by adjusting who wins by requiring a margin, but with this number of choices, it […]

Wheeeeee. That… was some party. I almost forgot to get this up. If anyone finds my pants, a smoldering elf, or an angry wookie, let me know. And, for the love of Santa, stay away from all of them. I wish I had some witty banter here, but I used it all up for 2017. […]

I really want to entitle this one “HOW DARE YOU?” but I think the joke only works (if it works) after you’ve voted in this month’s ballot. In light of Gill v. Whitford, there’s a voting system question in there, and few turkey questions (please send recipes!). If you don’t know what this is about, […]