How Political Is It?

Posted: May 22, 2022 by Nazim in Episode!

This week’s episode discusses the political influence of two cases.  The first is FEC v. Cruz where Ted Cruz struck down campaign finance laws, and the second is Patel v. Garland in which the Court refused to consider mistakes in immigration removal proceedings.  The answer may surprise you, but probably not.  Law starts from the beginning.

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  1. Lonni Berkley says:

    Your response that reference to the eighth and fourth amendment is the same comment as the comment made with respect to Roe, Demonstrates if nothing else your significant misunderstanding of constitutional law.


    • Nazim says:

      Thanks! However, you may want to articulate what you’re saying in greater depth, because my ignorant and feeble mind doesn’t understand the basis of what you’re saying.


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