Final 2018 Term Scores for Austin from Texas’ Fantasy SCOTUS League.

Posted: August 19, 2019 by Nazim in Fantasy Supreme Court League

We’ve all been waiting for this with baited breath. We know. We’re professional breath-baiters. So, with precisely this much ado, and then this much more, here you go:

Final 2018 Scores

The winner, by a margin of 70 points, is Alyssa, who single-handedly proves that NJ judicial fantasialogisticians have everything we need to understand what’s right and wrong about the world. Kudos to Alyssa: if she keeps this up, maybe we’ll rename the league after her. Or, you know, if she purchases a sponsoring deal. We’ll take interesting food. No, seriously, you know we will.

One note, of the almost-dozen people who posted submissions twice, only one scored better the second time. The clear lesson here is to not overthink what we’re doing. Including this commentary. See you all next season.

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