2017 SCOTUS Fantasy League Winners!

Posted: August 19, 2018 by Nazim in Fantasy Supreme Court League

Dear contestants,

It wasn’t close. Austin took the lead early and never looked back. Sure, his December guesses were crap, and that confirms that the system is rigged, but his other scores are nuts. Seriously: we had psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists all examine his work, and he’s due for some sessions. Or drugs. Or both. We’d really prefer both. But congratulations for this achievement are due: amazing work, Austin!

Because he won two consecutive terms with such a staggering performance, we are naming future Fantasy leagues after this winner: this fall, we will open the Austin from LA SCOTUS Fantasy League. And, as the eponymous player, we still encourage Austin from LA, but he will not be eligible for the crown. It’s like those “named” professors: the next winner will be something along the lines of “Nazim, the Austin from LA 2018 SCOTUS Fantasy League winner.”

2017 Winners

There are others worth mentioning: Donkey Punch used some pretty solid data-driven strategy (he just plugged in what a website told him to plug in), and scored 215 points for January, when many of us didn’t do very well. Brett lost lost to Nazim by a huge, very big, not small margin. And some amazing players only played for one round. Cade-VA Beach, why didn’t you come back after the first round? Adam in Rochester got the top score for April, but flaked in March and May. And Blake from Florida was tied for second highest score for March, but missed three of the ballots.

Maybe it’s out fault. Maybe we’re being too defensive about our religious rights. Maybe I should just enjoy a sandwich, regardless of whether it’s cut in half or not. We’ll never know. However, thank you for playing, and thank you for listening and giving us your feedback.

  1. Arturo says:

    Thank you guys. I’m definitely going to do more research next time around, and figure out a balance of opinion writing per sitting; that should help (or help screw me more…)


  2. James says:

    Okay not to be not picky but.
    Generally speaking when someone dominates an industry they tend to name awards after the individual not league names. Like the Lombardi trophy.
    Can I I recommend “the Austin from l.a award”.


  3. Steven from Houston says:

    Brett, I love you, man, but I’m a dumb home builder without a college degree, and this is the second time I’ve beaten you in the Fantasy League. Last year I gave you the benefit of the doubt because of the kid, but I’m starting to worry for your students. Keep up the good work. Future AfLA winner.


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