Fantasy Results 5/5

Posted: May 5, 2018 by beguide in Fantasy Supreme Court League, Uncategorized

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Enclosed are results follows SAS Intitute and Jesner.  We did not have Dimaya on the ballot, so that did not count. From what I have read from my sources (the Scotusblog twitter account), results will begin again May 15 and then come fast and furious.

170         Holy shit, my friend Ray

165         Hollywood Austin

135        DC Alyssa

125         Vito

                Adam in Rodchester

115         Brian S.

110         Mitchel

                Coridan the Arch-Villain

105         Will P.

100         Brett

                Ken H.

95           Nazim

                Dan H.

90           Steven from Houston

                Andy the Wholeman

                KC (“the Kid”)

85           Penni

                Anthony from Georgia

                Tony C.

80           Daniela

                Max “Number 2”

75           Big Bears Dad

70           Arturo

                Neil R.


                Todd S.


                “Doing It Wrong”

60           LA Scott


55           C3PO

                P Dub

                Kyle WM

45           Emma

                Prosecutor John

                My dude keanuthon

                Lane from Philadelphia

40           Michigan Drew 


                James N

30           ZLM


                Denver Brad

                Lauren from Baltimore

25           Zoe


                Sarah Corp.

                Girl Carew

15           Victor

                JB in ME



                Kevin, aka Havertown’s worst gambler

                David from ATL

0              Dan H.


                Brandon N.

                Young Maldy

                Cam from Phoenix



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