The Lawyer’s Guide to the Supreme Court

Posted: August 13, 2017 by Nazim in Uncategorized

This week’s episode takes a practical look at the law to see how three cases influence practicing lawyers on a day to day basis.  As they often do, things went on and off the rails, so this week’s episode breaks down as follows:

(0:00-02:40) – How is Nazim/How you will know the podcast has ended.

(02:40-19:20) – Attorney check-in/What judges do/Brett and Nazim are bad restaurant employees

(19:20-end) – Lee v. U.S. (is a guilty plea reversible when the lawyer gives wrong info about deportation), Goodyear Tire & Rubber v. Heager (must attorney fee sanctions be causally related to the bad conduct) and Midland Funding v. Johnson (are time-barred filings in bankruptcy court a violation of the FDCA).

New Episode!


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