Citizen’s BuzFeed Quiz: Which Justice Are You?

Posted: August 3, 2017 by Nazim in Politics, The Breyer Scale

SCOTUS LibCons Range

Please answer each question in the comments of either this post, our twitter account (@citizenscotus), or our Facebook page. Once you’ve posted your answer, Brett will tell your Justice as a reply. Please do not feel obligated to provide context for your answer, as a simple yes, no, or a, b, & c will suffice. Also, while your surrounding experience is certainly nice to know, the key with these questions is how you would react in context, so even if you like curdled milk chicken, the key is that recipe is gross. These answers are for entertainment only, and should not be used to figure out which cases you should be cagey about during your eventual Senate Confirmation hearings.

1. You are a Justice on the Supreme Court. A case has come before you asking to overturn Citizens United on grounds that the first decision was wrong. It is split 4-4. Do you cast the vote to overturn the law?

2. Same question as above, but it’s 8-0 in favor of keeping Citizens United as is. Do you cast the same vote?

3. You are playing a board game with a child that you like. The rules of the game require you to take an action that would win the game and likely upset the child, or you could ignore the rules and let the child win. Do you change the rules?

4. You are a Justice on the Supreme Court. A State defendant sentenced to death is appealing his decision on grounds that a procedural issue (an issue that went toward how the trial was conducted, and not whether the person was guilty/not guilty) was denied at his lower trial. All previous decisions have said the procedural issue was denied and that a rule was broken, but that it would not have affected the outcome. Assuming that is true, would you overturn the conviction?

5. You are making dinner for someone you care about and you are trying an international recipe for a meal you’ve never eaten before. The recipe is from an Anthony Bourdain cookbook. The recipe (made for 2 people) features chicken and asks you to include 3 cups of grapefruit juice and 2 spoonfuls of whole milk. Do you follow the recipe as is?

6. If no, do you remove an ingredient, add less of an ingredient, or make something different? If yes, and the recipe is bad, who do you blame?

7. Congress passes a law that gives everyone amnesty for low level State drug crimes. This law is challenged by only three States for infringing on State rights, even though it would free thousands of incarcerated minorities and 47 States prefer it. Assuming all of that is true, would you vote to strike the law?

8. You are a Justice on the Supreme Court and you are asked to decide whether the President can ban trans people from the military. Which is the best statement on how you would vote?
A. President can never do this.
B. President can always do this even if it the only stated reason is trans people are a distraction.
C. President could do this if the only stated reason is there is a cost for trans military members that is above and beyond on-trans military members. The cost a fraction of the military budget but everyone agrees it is there.

9. You are going to the movies with 6 friends. Three friends, all people you like a lot, want to see the new Fast and Furious movie. Two other friends, including your significant other and a person you don’t like, want to see a 2.5 hour indie movie that may win an academy award. They cannot decide and ask you to buy the first ticket, and they will all see whatever you buy. Which ticket do you buy?
A. Fast and the Furious
B. The indie film
C. Something else that only you want to see.

10. A class action lawsuit has been filed against a company for abusive practices in student loan debt collection. This lawsuit will likely assist past and future graduates manage student loan debt. The plaintiffs filed their lawsuit, but did not serve the defendant with the Complaint within 120 days as required by the Federal Civil Rules. The lower court dismissed plaintiff’s case even though the Complaint was served 15 days later and the defendant knew the case had begun. In addition, if the case is dismissed now, it cannot be refilled due to Statute of Limitations concerns. Assuming all that is true, do you vote to dismiss the case?

  1. Jack says:

    1. no
    2. yes
    3. no
    4. yes
    5. yes
    6. Bourdain/the cookbook
    7. yes
    8. C
    9. B
    10. yes


  2. Chad says:

    1. No
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. No
    5. No
    6. Remove the Milk
    7. Yes
    8. C
    9. B
    10. Yes


  3. coridannj says:

    1 Yes
    2 Yes
    3 No
    4 Yes
    5 Yes
    6 Anthony Bourdain
    7 Yes. Those 47 states can pass an amendment
    8 C
    9 A
    10 No


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