The Worst Monday Morning for Liberals Since Mad Men Ended

Posted: July 2, 2017 by Nazim in Episode!, Religious Freedom

Monday was a bad day for the KGB Spies, as the Supreme Court decided to hear the Travel Ban case, modified the existing stay, and gave kids attending a church day care a significantly less chance of cracking their skulls open.  Brett and Nazim sift through the wreckage to determine if the amended stay of the Travel Ban is more harm than good, and whether Trinity Lutheran is a blatant Constitutional violation or just a sign of the times.  Law starts at (03:47).

New Episode!

  1. Jennifer palmer says:

    Looks like a slight awakening…

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  2. JP says:

    One fact missing from your discussion on church receiving state money….the church did not have to register corporately as a not for profit. Incorporation in that manner has significant advantages and involves known trade-offs, one being historical church/state separation. Since for-profit institutions cannot claim the benefits of not-for-profits on a whim, so in the reverse. Any church-based organization has a guaranteed method of competing for public funds without involving any court of law…change its legal structure.

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