Wonder Woman, GRAVE DIGGING, and Four Case Results

Posted: June 11, 2017 by Nazim in Uncategorized

The podcast celebrates Brett’s birthday this week by haphazardly covering Wonder Woman (the movie), Wonder Woman (the gender quality lawsuit), digging bodies up out of a graveyard, the availability of State Codes on Google, Tyrell v. BNSF Railway (personal jurisdiction and Ginsburg/Sotomayor fighting), Laroe Estates v. City of Chester (intervention and standing), Bitchin’ Camaros, Home Alone and Die Hard as Christmas movies, Honeycutt v. U.S. (joint and several liability in conspiracy convictions), Advocate Health Care v. Stapelton (ERISA coverage for church-affiliated business), and Nazim’s harsh review of the Thomas the Tank Engine movie.  “Law” starts at (04:09), but its a bumpy ride.

New Episode!


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