May SCOTUS Fantasy League!

Posted: May 1, 2017 by Nazim in Fantasy Supreme Court League


A torrent of Immigration cases, which is to say two of them, made this month’s ballot. Topical, amiright? Also, updated the scores below, so click through if you want to see how you’re doing. But most importantly, please get your May votes in soon, since, as the term winds down, more opinions will be published, and we’re not in charge of that schedule. Probably for the best.

If the link in the paragraph above doesn’t work, copy and paste the url below to access the ballot:

And below are the current Rankings, updated with Nelson and Manrique from the April ballot. Austin, Arturo, and Alyssa are tightly bunched in the lead. I suspect Brett is going in to the spreadsheets to lower my score, but I don’t know enough about law to prove it. Also, apologies to Christi and SooMin, but their April ballots were submitted after Nelson and Manrique were published, so we can’t count their votes on those two cases, even though I’m pretty sure it was a mistake made in good faith. Also, I’m a bit disappointed that That Guy and White Chocolate have only submitted one ballot.

April Rankings



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