When Can An Airline Forcibly Drag You Off the Airplane?

Posted: April 16, 2017 by Nazim in Uncategorized

Things have been pretty serious lately, so this week’s episode takes a leisurely detour into the legal implications following American Airlines forcibly dragging a passenger off the plane, which discussions on include contract law, the FAA’s agency authority, trespasser liability, and somehow Ralph Nader.  Spoiler Alert, the law mostly favors the airline and the law starts at (15:40!), so lets be careful out there, folks!

New Episode!

  1. Anna says:

    Hey Guys,
    I’d love to weigh in on your podcast about the doctor being thrown off a United flight so the flight crew can ride.
    I am a pilot for a US carrier (not United) and you mentioned that at some point the crew should have offered to get off so the passenger could stay on. It is fairly common practice for air crew to bump passengers off if they are being what we call “deadheaded” to a city their flight is out of. Every airline does it. If they had offered to get off the flight to allow the passenger to stay they would have gotten in a lot of trouble with crew scheduling and probably would have been disciplined by the chief pilot (in addition to the flight they were being sent to operate being canceled because their crew wasn’t there).
    The situation sucked, but the crew had really no say in whether or not they took that flight (in fact I’m sure they would have rather stayed put, would be been less work to do).
    Anyway, love the pod!
    -Anna, a pilot who hates pilots

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    • Nazim says:

      Thanks for weighing in, Anna. We appreciate the inside take. I assumed that the airline had some good reason for shuffling their crew around, since they lose income for bumping passengers. And thanks for the kind words.


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