Fantasy SCOTUS League Update

Posted: April 1, 2017 by Nazim in Fantasy Supreme Court League

Here are the updated rankings, based on the results recorded so far. They’re almost in order. Apologies to Brad, Nazim and Scott for misplacing you. But mostly to Nazim, since he’s writing this. Also, that second Andreas is supposed to be Chris. I’m really not sure what happened there…

Some impressive insight displayed by Josh from Oregon and Austin from LA, who both nailed all the details in Moore v. Texas. A lot of folks out there who could gain massive amounts of points by filling out the past ballots. You don’t get points for cases that have already been decided, but until they are, you can.

March Rankings

The columns with the months are the ballots that have been scored to the extent that they contain cases with a published decision. If there is no number in a month, we didn’t record a ballot for that month for that playa. As always, if you note a mistake, please let us know, and send us something that will help us figure out how to correct the mistake.




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