Volkswagen Lies Go All The Way

Posted: September 22, 2016 by Nazim in Consumer Protection, Environmental Law, Punishment, Technology


Last week, nicely summarized what’s going on with the Volkswagen  US emissions cheating scandal, not be confused with the Mitsubishi Japanese emissions cheating scandal. The short of it is that the car manufacturers programmed the computers to output a false set of numbers when attached to an emissions testing machine. They did this for many years. And the real numbers were above those permitted by the law.

It bugged me that, initially, this was blamed on a few engineers. The uppest management tried to make those engineers into scapegoats. This bugged me because I couldn’t believe that this kind of operation could have gone on without some degree of consent from uppest management. Then, about two weeks ago, charges against an engineer were announced. I’m relatively confident that some engineers probably should go to prison over this: the total amount of emissions that were allowed by this gambit were dramatically higher than those permitted by law. And this is the kind of stuff that literally kills people who have breathing problems. But I sincerely hope this is just one guy they will flip so that they can go after the folks that gave the go-ahead. Otherwise, well, I’d be irritated.


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