Sex Offenders Have…

Posted: September 3, 2016 by Nazim in Punishment, Real Property


A not-so-rare occurrence with sex offender laws that limit where sex offenders can reside is that they simply can’t reside anywhere, or just about. In Milwaukee, a word I love typing, they can only reside in the light yellow areas. So, at the airport or in a couple of golf courses in the northwestern corner of the city, according to my infallible knowledge of Wisconsin and the satellite view on Google. Now, I know nobody cares about child rapists except Chris Hansen. They’re literally the modern version of the bogeyman, but it’s a bit weird that we don’t have registries and maps with the locations of murderers, and don’t forbid them from living anywhere near you. Seriously, there are several websites that show exactly which thousands of sex offenders live next to you right now, and I’m not linking any of them.

More, if you don’t fear auto-playing video, at the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel.


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