Chicago Crime Predicting Experiment Fails Milestone Benchmark, Goes On

Posted: August 26, 2016 by Nazim in Uncategorized


I think this is the third time I refer to the Minority Report in this venue… Anyway, in 2014, the Chicago Police Department, among a myriad of other initiatives, test drove an algorithm designed to predict possible victims and perpetrators of gun violence. Sadly, after taking stock of the results so far, the only correlation found was that being on the list made you more likely to be arrested, making it a waste of taxpayer-funded resources. However, big-data-driven programs like these are only going to grow, and, hopefully get more accurate. Despite the fact that I’m a truly unique snowflake, I’m not that unpredictable, and big data numbers are really good at sussing out individual behavior. Plus, it has funding, so the experiment will be tweaked further, and keep going on. I look forward to the next milestone results, and mostly the spider robots.

More on this experiment and the failed benchmark at The Verge.


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