World Peace in My Lifetime?

Posted: August 20, 2016 by Nazim in Guns, Uncategorized


There are many ways in which the world has gotten better. Setting aside the fact that I can access almost the sum of human knowledge from a small rectangle in my pocket (but I use it to look at pictures of cats): expected human lifespans are skyrocketing across the globe, artistic and cultural achievements from every corner of the planet are available almost everywhere, and people still yearn for greater fairness despite the fact that this may already be the lowest ebb of inequality humanity has ever achieved. One of the culprits for this peak may be the penetration of free markets, but it’s hard to experimentally prove that, and I’m not sure it’s worth it. Whatever case, here’s a great peace about the greatest amount of peace humanity might have ever known, of which I offer an excerpt below. Here’s to world peace in our lifetimes.

But, as one of my favourite statisticians Hans Rosling says — you have to be able to hold two ideas in your head at once. The world is getting better. But the world is not yet good enough. It’s important to acknowledge one of the great stories of our time. We are very lucky. Fewer of us as a proportion of the world’s entire population have had to go to war than any other generation since the Roman Empire. Surely that’s something that should be celebrated as part of our public discourse? When we speak about the decline of war, we have an opportunity to express our gratitude to those who came before us, and sacrificed so much for the principles of peace, and freedom from persecution. Our relative comfort and wellbeing is a direct result of their sacrifices — and by saying that the world is getting worse, we dishonour their memories. War is not inevitable. Many brave people have fought for that belief. Our generation is starting to show that it’s possible. And the more people start understanding that, the sooner it becomes a reality.


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