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Posted: August 17, 2016 by Nazim in Uncategorized


We’d like to know a bit more about you, so we can come to your place while you’re asleep and rifle through your fridge for premium cold cuts. No, seriously, we’d be grateful if you complete the survey linked below to give us some insight into who listens to us. Although we won’t turn down prosciutto, if you have it.

Libsyn listener survey.

  1. Paula Whitman says:

    Why not establish a new line of legal thinking the about emoluments clause? We can not count on the ethics of new president elect or any of his cabinet choices. I would like to hear a podcast on the burning topic of conflict of interests.


    • Nazim says:

      Extra feedback on the listener survey will get you extra attention: we’re discussing how to set up such an episode. The problem it presents, really, is the fragmented nature of the issue, since the sources enforcing such a matter are legion, and all relatively weak. However, neither famine, nor pestilence, nor disease, nor any of the other horses I lose money at the races on will stop me from putting together on this matter.

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      • bezell43 says:

        NAZIM! You are the man! You are a genius! What is the preferred method of communication for the podcast? Love listening to you guys!

        With much admiration and much disbelief that your not dark-skinned, (Kidding)

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      • Nazim says:

        I clearly deserve the compliments Blake is paying me, and have an episode on the emu… emo… emul… on that constitutional clause everyone’s talking about in the works. I’m just not sure when it’ll be fully baked and ready for consumption.

        Also, I tan pretty nice. Seriously.


    • Nazim says:

      As an update, today we’re recording an episode about the emulllie… emulsi… emolli… that constitutional clause everyone’s talking about that in theory should prevent the president from having conflicts of interest. Hopefully, we’ll have it in shape for release this weekend.


  2. Jennifer palmer says:

    Hi- so I’m east coast and conservative republican and ❤️ U guys. Just FYI

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    • Nazim says:

      Jennifer, thanks for listening. We particularly appreciate your perspective, because it might, at times, be different from ours. Please let us know if you have any other thoughts or questions.


  3. Law Student Who Hates Law School says:

    I love you guys. So much. I’m a 3L and I have listened to your past episodes to help me understand my constitutional law classes. I got an A in my last Con Law class, and it’s 100% thanks to you guys! Also, I thought you should know that in my head Brett looks like Fry from Futurama, and Nazim looks like Jamie from Myth Busters.


    • Nazim says:

      Thanks, and good for you! Also, I should confirm that your head reflects reality 100%: Fry was actually inspired by Brett, and Nazim is Jamie’s legal nom-de-plume. Don’t tell anyone.


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