Nazim Wrongly Endorses Instant-Runoff Voting, Finds Better Voting System

Posted: August 9, 2016 by Nazim in Election


A few episodes ago, Nazim may or may not have stated that Instant-Runoff voting was the best voting system there is, and suggested changing our current system to that. Well, it turns out that Instant-Runoff still allows for spoiler candidates, which is a considerable problem – albeit one that we have with the current system, so Instant-Runoff would still be a dramatic improvement over the current system due to the many other advantages it has. However, fear not, an even better system exists. Instead of ranking candidates as the IR voting system requires, simply scoring them (just like Olympic judges score athletes) to express how much you like them results in an almost perfect expression of voter intentions, and allows for mathematically certain fairest results.

This post was inspired by the debate generated by this excellent fivethirtyeight article about the fundamental unfairnesses of US elections.


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