Due to Budget Cuts, Public Defender Appoints Governor to Defend Poor

Posted: August 4, 2016 by Nazim in Government Action, Lawyers, Punishment, Separation of Powers


You’ve probably seen this elsewhere, but I wanted to link the beautiful letter the MO PD sent to the Governor (pdf warning). Now, let’s move on to how the governor could get out of doing the job, because he will. As the letter plainly states, the PD’s office has the legal power to appoint any attorney with a current bar license. There’s no conflict of interest, because the prosecutor is an independently elected office in the great state of Missouri. Maybe the governor can get out it by suspending his bar membership? Well, all my dreams will come true if he takes the case to trial, loses, and then pardons his client.

Hat tip to Nick for highlighting the article on buzzfeed.

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