Terms of Dying of Old Age

Posted: July 15, 2016 by Nazim in Technology

Not only do most of us refuse to read Terms of Service (also infamously known as End User License Agreements), I’ve begun to wonder if it’s realistically possible for users to read all the EULAs they agree to. I remember getting a new computer in law school and installing all of my software on it, clicking Agree as fast as I could. If I actually read all that stuff, I wouldn’t have been done for weeks, maybe months! I downloaded one of the iTunes user agreements to look it over, and it was over 200 pages of small print (literally).


While such agreements are indispensable for folks to limit their legal exposure when they put their software out there, is it possible that a court may one day determine that it’s unreasonable to assume that it has been read and understood if it’s actually impossible to have read it?

via the Consumerist


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