Are We Simply a Violent Nation?

Posted: July 9, 2016 by Nazim in Death Penalty, Enforcement, Guns

In the US, we don’t just put a gigantically greater proportion of our population in prison, we don’t just sentence folks to death at a ridiculously higher rate, our forces of law and order also kill suspects at almost 200 times the speed than in any other first-world nation. Some blame how easy guns are to obtain, some the racism intrinsic to the justice system, some the impenetrable solidarity among police officers, some the delegation of enforcement to community-level agencies with whatever training they can afford and are willing to take on. The truth, as always must be somewhere among all of these, and to absolutely deny any of them is to assert that we are, in that measure, simply a violent people that loves to kill each other, kindred to Itchy and Scratchy.


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