How do you buy a drink in Pennsylvania?

Posted: July 8, 2016 by Nazim in Politics, Religious Freedom


Okay, the laws reviewed below are not technically blue laws, but the insane liquor distribution system in Pennsylvania is close enough. Here, to buy a few cans of beer, you go to one store. If you want a case of beer, you have to go to a different store. And, finally, if you want wine or liquor, you have to go to a state-run store. Thank goodness, the latter is about to change: soon, grocery stores will be able to sell wine, and other laws that loosen up this structure are on the legislative agenda.

The Supreme Court has frequently ruled that laws based on custom, as opposed to laws aimed at the goals of Safety and Happiness enshrined in our recently celebrated Declaration of Independence, are fine. This, despite the fact that they are often based on one religion’s tenets, which, you’d think, would run afoul of the Establishment Clause. Perhaps this is due to the fact that these laws have some moral alibi in trying to curtail consumption, but this argument might even fail a rational basis test, since there is no limitation on the amounts of alcohol that can be purchased at once, as far as I know.

The law may set us free, but sometimes it just confuses me.

via Pinchot’s Legacy: Pennsylvania’s Liquor Control System | History’s Headlines – Home

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