Fantasy Scorecard 6/23 aka “the Homestretch”

Posted: June 23, 2016 by beguide in Fantasy Supreme Court League, Uncategorized

It’s been quite a season so far, with only two cases to go before we crown a winner.  I noted a few things below to include how dramatic this was for me to score, alone in my room.  All things considered, we probably have a winner, but you never know.

Lane from Philadelphia – 570.  It was close there for a hot second, but a strong showing in the Taylor & Wiley case propelled Lane to almost certain victory.  The point total got stagnant with conservative victories during late spring, but Lane has likely taken this contest wire to wire.

Scott – 500.  Scott ran the gamut, either hitting clean sweeps on cases, or striking out entirely.  This furious comeback may fall short though for the listener who inspired an episode with Game of Thrones nudity.

Gunsolley – 485.  Another roller coaster contestant who would fall behind and then go on a flurry.

Neil & Alyssa. 475.  Truth be told, I thought both of these two would give Lane a run for their money, but a few missed cases toward the end stopped the momentum.  Nice showings for two original podcast listeners.  Neil also sent me an email convinced that I was referring to my friend Neal (who sings at the end of the outro) instead of him.

Brett – 455.  Ya boy killed it.

Nick – 440.  Strong and steady throughout, and always around this general area.

Nashville Tom – 425.  The podcast’s favorite law student faired well balancing a first year work load and making Supreme Court picks.  We only hope you haven’t gotten too good for us as you progress toward a miserable legal career.

KC – 390.  What might have been for KC, who came in late and stormed through the middle of the pack.  My guess is this would have been top 3 had she started from the beginning, and will probably only improve once law school starts in the Fall.

Ray – 370.  Ray used Lexis predict, which shows the mediocrity of computers compared to big human brains.

Nazim – 360.  For someone who is on the podcast, it was disappointing how many ballots were not filled out.  Will likely lose to Ray, his arch-nemesis in this contest.

Zach – 350.  Good score for New Hampshire’s best.

Ryan – 310.  Another person who would get certain cases spot on, but others’ not so much.  Made a furious comeback over the last few weeks to gain points in the standings.

Richard – 295.  Should get bonus points for shouting out Nazim on twitter.

Todd – 285.  Nice work as well by the podcast’s favorite Canadian.

Stuckey & Andreas – 240.  Stucky was killing it for a while, so props for the nice run a weeks back.  Andreas likes Tottenham so even though he got the same score as Stuckey, we’re classifying it lower.

Katya – 180.  The power of randomly guessing half of the ballots.

David – 165.  Nice run, but missed a few ballots.

Bryce  – 135.  Scrotusblog ends up near the bottom, shocking everyone who were inspired by the name.

Chad and Matt – 125.  Participation trophies, but nice work with what was provided.

Justin Trizz – 65.  Way to fill out one ballot.


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