Fantasy Scorecard 3/30

Posted: March 30, 2016 by beguide in Fantasy Supreme Court League, Uncategorized


The enclosed scores include the recent case of U.S. v. Luis.  Nazim makes the biggest jump, taking a clean sweep on a case that sources are calling “very dumb”.  Your leader, per usual, Lane from Philadelphia.  Per her request, here is a picture of her favorite justice, Justice Breyer, aka The Lance Bass of favorite Supreme Court justices, looking on approvingly at her commanding lead.

Lane from Philadelphia – 235

Stuckey – 155

Todd – 145

Neil – 135

Andreas the Awful Tottenham Fan – 130

Scott, Nashville Tom, Richard, Brett, & Katya – 125

Nazim, David, Zach – 110

Alyssa – 105

Nick – 100

Gunsolley – 75

Chad – 70

Scrotusblog Bryce, Urvish – 65

Ryan, Matt – 60

Ray, aka Lexis Predict – 40

KC, the newcomer – 30

Trizz, who filled out on ballot weeks ago – 25




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