Recipes from 2/7 Episode

Posted: February 9, 2016 by beguide in Uncategorized


In case you haven’t noticed, we’re basically a food podcast now.  Below are the recipes for the two desserts we talked about in this week’s episode.  Above is a picture of the Ice Box case (Cookie Casserole) that we made for this year’s Super Bowl party.  There are three layers of cookies, icing and strawberry.

Icebox Cake:

Scanned from a Xerox multifunction device

Buttermilk Pie:

  1. John says:

    Hey Brett, love the podcast!! I binged one day, and downloaded literally every episode I could get my hands on and listened to nothing but you and nazim (spelling??) For about a week. I’m going to send you an email with a hypothetical legal question after I stop being lazy. Just wanted to say thanks for these recipes, and you, sir, need new drip pans. Those ones are struggling. Have a good day!!


    • beguide says:

      Dude! Thank you! Whenever you send a question we will answer it.


      • John says:

        Awesome, I got a reply. Slightly starstruck right now. My question pertains to a hypothetical class action lawsuit. I recently received an Xbox one for Christmas and, printed clearly and rather largely on the box was: 500 GB. To my dismay, however, there were only a little over 365 gigs. I know that the other roughly 135 gigs are reserved for HDD, however, that isn’t clearly stated anywhere that I could find in the paperwork with the packaging, on the box, or in my cursory scanning of the Microsoft agreement. If I were to stoke widespread discontent amongst fellow gamers, and organise them in to a class of people and file a lawsuit for minor damages having to do with the hassle of having to go buy a hard drive, and maybe under some false advertisement law? If not getting ‘compensatory cash’, maybe force Microsoft to print the storage reserved for HDD on the box, or anywhere, really. Sorry if that’s super wordy, and thanks.


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