Fantasy Scoreboard January 25th

Posted: January 25, 2016 by beguide in Fantasy Supreme Court League, Uncategorized, Updates

The following point totals include the decision of Montgomery v. La, which was a bit of a mess since I originally wrote it as Hurst v. Fl but did provide the correct description of the case.  If you are feeling especially aggrieved in anyway by this calculation, please email me.  The FERC/ESPA energy case was within the dreaded grace period so it will not be counted.

60 Points – Lane, Nick & Gunsolley

55 Points – Richard & Neil

45 Points – Scott, Nashville Tom

40 Points – David, Katya

30 Points – Chad, Matt, Ryan, Andreas, Justin S.

25 Points – Justin Trizz (!!!)

15 Points – Todd, Zach, Alyssa, Urvish

0 Points – Everyone else, including Brett and Nazim.


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