Fantasy Scoreboard January 20th

Posted: January 20, 2016 by beguide in Fantasy Supreme Court League, Updates


Opinions came into today in the cases of Duncan v. Owens and Campbell-Elward v. Gomez.  Apparently, the appeal for Duncan v. Owens was dismissed on the grounds that it shouldn’t have been granted in the first place.  Therefore, everyone who picked Owens wins, but gets no other points since there was no opinion and no decision breakdown.  Please also note that the Hurst v. Florida decision was within the January grace period, so no points were granted for that opinion.  If you think any of this is wrong, please email me as I am very prone to mistakes.

  1.  Lane & Gunsolley – 45 points
  2. Katya (I know), Richard, David – 40 points
  3. Scott, Nashville Tom – 30 points
  4.  Bryce, aka Scrotusblog, Neil, Andreas, Ryan, Urvish, Nick, Matt, Chad – 15 points
  5. Everyone else with zero.  Meaning that if you did not submit a ballot, you are still tied with Brett and Nazim.

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