John Kerry v. the World!

Posted: August 2, 2015 by Nazim in Due Process

This week’s episode covers two foreign policy cases that speak to broader issues about Substantive Due Process, Marriage and the President of the United States.  Kerry v. Din (pdf) discusses the Due Process rights of a person who is denied entry into the United States, and Zivotsky v. Kerry (pdf) addresses whether or not Congress or the President can recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  While both cases are important in their own right, Dinn presents an interesting foreshadowing into the Same Sex Marriage decisions, and Zivotsky allows Brett to trick Nazim into supporting Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

It took a lot of takes to get Din's story straight.

It took a lot of takes to get Din’s story straight.

  1. nazguide says:

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    I can’t do this. I just don’t believe in it. Halving a sandwich is an abomination I cannot tolerate. YOU are all sinners. Worse, I can’t fathom the complaints that we’ve been reading decrying my exception to the apocryphal policy.

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