Decisions in Obergefell and Glossip

Posted: July 5, 2015 by Nazim in Dissent, Equal Protection, Federalism, Punishment

This week’s episode covers the Court’s most recent decisions regarding same sex marriage and lethal injection.  In both cases, Brett and Nazim discuss technical legal issues with the decisions and why it is not unreasonable to feel one way about the result but still question certain Constitutional elements in the legal reasoning. Brett and Nazim also ask deep, insightful questions about Bigfoot, which is the next big issue our Nation needs to tackle.

McGyvering Bigfoot.

  1. […] multitude espousing this position is Justice Breyer, who announced his position in his dissent in Glossip v. Gross, in which Justice Ginsburg joined. The question of whether the Constitution can prohibit something […]


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