The Importance of Jury Duty

Posted: April 27, 2015 by Nazim in Criminal Procedure, Equal Protection, Jury Duty

Stop scoffing at that title.  This week’s episode covers all aspects of the American Jury system, along with the current case of Warger v. Shauers, to help motivate you to celebrate, instead of cringe, when you receive your summons for jury duty.  Brett and Nazim also shed light on the seminal Family Matters episode where Urkel’s persistence in the jury room acquits a man unfairly charged with robbery. Libsyn link

Internet Enhanced Annotations (no endorsement implied):

  • Our Wargers v. Shauers case summary (coming soon).
  • Premium Steap tea store in Philadelphia.
  • Dean & Deluca, an expensive store, which sells coconut macaroons.
  • Expert witnesses in trials.
  • Juror FAQ of a Delaware court. Another one for a Pennsylvania court.
  • Sixth Amendment of the US Constitution.
  • Unanimity.
  • No racism in selecting juries.
  • Acquittal by Richard Gabriel (amazon Smile link).
  • Voir dire procedure in jury selection.
  • The power of jury nullification.
  • Case on which the Allen charge based.
  • Federal Rule of Evidence 606(b):
    • During an Inquiry into the Validity of a Verdict or Indictment.
      (1) Prohibited Testimony or Other Evidence. During an inquiry into the validity of a verdict or indictment, a juror may not testify about any statement made or incident that occurred during the jury’s deliberations; the effect of anything on that juror’s or another juror’s vote; or any juror’s mental processes concerning the verdict or indictment. The court may not receive a juror’s affidavit or evidence of a juror’s statement on these matters.(2) Exceptions. A juror may testify about whether:(A) extraneous prejudicial information was improperly brought to the jury’s attention;
      (B) an outside influence was improperly brought to bear on any juror; or
      (C) a mistake was made in entering the verdict on the verdict form.

Source: Gilbert, W. S. (1920), The Bab Ballads, with which are included Songs of a Savoyard, MacMillan and Co., Limited, London.


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